• Question: How small is a atom?

    Asked by SpaceFan★★★★★ to Silvia on 18 Nov 2016.
    • Photo: Silvia Pardo

      Silvia Pardo answered on 18 Nov 2016:

      The proper answer is: it depends on the element, but the atom’s diameter is in the range 0.1–0.5 nanometres .
      But proper answers don’t always give you an idea of what something looks like in real life, right?
      Let’s try again: an atom is a million times smaller than the thickest human hair. They are so small that, if we inflated all the atoms in a grapefruit to the size of a blueberry, the grapefruit would be as big as Earth! You don’t believe me?! Check this:

      Hope you like it 🙂